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  1. Coat -18612

    Coat -18612

    A perfect companion for the chilly months, this New Winter Men’s Casual Wool Coat Jacket from Yuzhaolin is a must-have fashion essential which any modern men cannot go without. Carved out of premium quality wool, the jacket is extremely soft to touch and comfortable to wear. The jacket has anti-aging properties and is wrinkle-resistant to ensure that it maintains its wrinkle-free appearance right until the end of the day. It has excellent breathability which allows the jacket to offer adequate protection from the dropping temperatures while ensuring that the skin doesn’t sweat and stays fresh throughout the day. The jacket is fade-resistant and non of the external elements will be able to damage its stylish appearance or functionality. Wool and cotton fabric are combined to create the soft lining of the jacket. The lining is covered with a layer of sating fabric that has intricate designs in multiple colors to add up to the looks of this jacket. The collar of the jacket has soft fur for enhanced comfort and warmth. The jacket has...
  2. Cotton clothing-1560

    Cotton clothing-1560

    With a smart PU leather built, the Explosion Models 2015 Men’s Business Jacket from Yuzhaolin is an ideal companion for the winter months. The PU leather used for its construction is imported from Italy and goes through a unique washing process that makes it breathable and ensures that you do not sweat when you wear the jacket. Moreover, it helps in promoting skin regeneration to ensure that your skin stays fresh and healthy. The jacket is soft and comfortable to wear and has anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-static properties that confirm its long lasting functionality. The lining of the jacket is made from imported lamb wool to ensure that it is able to provide you with all the warmth you need when the temperature drops. It also has warm cuffs covered in wool which not only adds up to the looks of the jacket but also makes it more comfortable. The jacket has a zippered closure and two pockets on the front that feature high-grade zippers made from industrial-grade copper. It also two additional open pockets inside which you can...
  3. Cashmere coat-19DWJ515

    Cashmere coat-19DWJ515

    Edenbo male long section of genuine cashmere wool winter coat Korean version of the solid color wool coat This trendy winter coat is perfect to dawn a smart look effortlessly. Made from fine quality wool more, it is tailored to provide the perfect fit and comfort that adds to a stylish image. The chic overcoat features a special cut and bold colours that accentuates your shoulders and chest. It is styled as such that it wonderfully suits every body type. Bring out the best in you with this classic business piece. Coat Features: Business casual Pattern Size: 170-190 Material: Polyester, 59% wool 32.9%, other 8.1%Fabric: cashmere Colors: Dark blue, wine red
  4. Cotton clothing-1566

    Cotton clothing-1566

    A perfect combination of style and functionality, this Nagymaros Explosion Models Leather Jacket from Yuzhaolin is a perfect pick for every man. The winter jacket is engineered in accordance to the physique of a man to ensure a comfortable fitting. It is constructed from high quality Italian PU leather which is known for its durability and stylish looks. It is wear-resistant and anti-wrinkle to ensure that it maintains its stylish appearance right until the end of the day. To keep you warm throughout the winter months, the jacket has linings made from cotton and neri rabbit hair which is soft on the skin and helps in maintain your body temperature. While its keeps your body warm, its breathability ensures that your skin does not sweat and stays fresh throughout the day. The collar of the jacket is made from rex rabbit wool which further adds up to the comfort quotient of the jacket and also makes it look unique and attractive. The slim fit jacket has button as well as zippered closure. It features a total of four pockets on the front...
  5. Overcoat-18601


    Cold winter winds are no match for this Winter Slim Woolen Male Fashion Jacket from Yuzhaolin. Constructed from wool and polyester, the jacket has excellent thermal properties that maintain your body temperature irrespective of the outside temperature. Moreover, the material offers excellent ventilation and allows the skin to breathe throughout the day to make sure that it stays fresh and free from sweat. The jacket is extremely soft on the skin and you can wear it throughout day without feeling any discomfort. The linings of this long jacket are made from 100% pure lamb wool which is known for its softness. The woolen layer is covered with an additional layer of satin fabric which features multicolor designs that make the jacket stand out from the rest. It features two large open pockets on the front and two pockets with button-close on the inside. The jacket has 4 custom-designed Yuzhaolin buttons on the front that are made from resin and are stitched to the jacket with the help of nylon threads to ensure long lasting performance....
  6. Overcoat-18605


    Modern winter jackets are not just about functionality but stylish looks as well. A perfect jacket that carries both these factors in abundance is this New Autumn and Winter Woolen British Style Jacket from Yuzhaolin. Made from a combination of wool and polyester, the jacket does an excellent job of keeping you warm throughout the winter months. The reason being, the material used for the construction of this jacket goes through a unique washing process which makes it tough while retaining its softness to ensure that it is able to create a smooth protective layer on your body which maintains your body temperature while also keeping your body in a relaxed and breathable condition. A thin layer of satin fabric covers the woolen linings of the jacket with small holes in it for ventilation and to further enhance the thermal ability of the jacket. The British-style jacket has long sleeves and four buttons on the cuff that are neatly arranged in a line. It has a button-type closure to retain the simplicity of the jacket. The jacket has two...
  7. Overcoat-18610


    Carry a classy look even in the winter months with this New Winter Men’s Business Casual Jacket from Yuzhaolin. While the jacket has a traditional look, it is made from an advanced blend of wool and polyester that will provide you with an enhanced protection from the outside temperature. The collar of the jacket features a layer of soft fur for enhanced warmth and comfort. While the jacket helps in keeping your warm, the breathability of the material ensures that your skin stays ventilated and free from sweat and odor right until the end of the day. Even though the jacket has a tough built, it is soft on the skin and can be worn for long hours. The linings of the jacket are made from Italian lamb wool which goes through a unique washing procedure that strengthens the material. The linings have a satin layer on top that features multicolor designs. The large buttons on the front panel of the jacket are made from resin and stitched with the help of nylon threads by professionals to make sure that they provide you with a flawless...
  8. Down jacket-M88092

    Down jacket-M88092

    Be comfy, cozy and stylish all at the same time with this 2015 New Winter Men’s Paragraph Down Jacket from Yuzhaolin. The jacket is made from 100% pure polyester, the jacket has a unique 3-dimensional cutting which is exclusively created to fit the body of Asian men. The air pockets on the top layer of the jacket are filled with the help of an air filler and consists plant cellulose to effortlessly distribute the flow of heat throughout the upper body. The lining of the jacket is built from 80% white duck feathers which is extremely light and fluffy and allows you to wear the jacket throughout the way without causing any discomfort. Moreover, original Goldline threads are used for a dual-alignment stitching on the jacket to ensure that the jacket is tough enough to withstand the external elements while keeping your body warm and protected. The jacket has a high quality copper zipper and features two buttons on the cuff for a snug fit. While the jacket is ideally recommended for the winter months, it is water and weather-resistant...
  9. Slim trousers-019

    Slim trousers-019

    Carry a smart, suave look with this Men’s Autumn Velvet Corduroy Casual Pants from Yuzhaolin. Made from advanced polyester, the pants have a unique temperature-controlling ability to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer months. The polyester used for its construction is breathable which allows your legs to stay sweat-free throughout the day. While the pants are highly durable, they are extremely soft to touch and will not result in any kind of itching or other discomforts even when worn throughout the day. Additionally, the trousers also have a micro-bomb stretch feature for enhanced comfort. The trouser is designed with a unique 3D design which is engineered by the experts to ensure that the pants offer excellent fitting. The insides of the slim trouser features high density car line sewing to ensure that the threads do not break, even when the pants are used or washed on a regular basis. It has a premium quality copper zipper and has multiple belt loops for enhanced convenience. It has custom-designed Yuzhaolin button...
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